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sábado, 25 de julio de 2015

OOAK Handmade repaint Monster High custom doll by Barbiesroom - party outfit

Hi there!!! Here is the last custom doll of this second wave. She was a Lagoona but now she is a 50s lady in a party outfit. I hope you like it!!!

She has been repainted using high quality watercolor aquarelle pencils, soft pastels and acrylic paints. Her make up has been sealed with MSC. And her hairstyle has been finished with high quality hairspray decorated with three buns.
Her outfit has been inspired by 50s party outfits. These are exclusive one of a kind handmade clothes created by Barbiesroom as well. It includes all clothes that you can see in the picture, (a silver bolero fastened with a black bow, a black heartshapped ruffled dress with black and silver spotted tulle layers, a silver belt, a silver handbag and a pair of black leather stilettos).

If you like to purchase her, you could do it in my Etsy

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  1. She is beautiful! You do awesome work. I would bid if I had the money. I'm in love. Good luck.

  2. Sharon, they are not so expensive, so take a look on EBay and maybe you could afford one of them!!!! I'm really happy if it happens, because I know that you want it so much and also appreciate the work that I've been doing!!! Many thanks for all your comments!!!!! All the best!!!

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