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sábado, 18 de julio de 2015

OOAK Custom repaint Monster High dolls. First wave.

Hi everyone!!! Well, I guess this day has to come sometime and so it is. I started making furniture and dioramas for dolls long away. Then, I continued making clothes and outfits for those dolls and some more new that I was buying during these years. And finally, this month I've started to repaint dolls. I don't know if it is the way that everyone use to follow, but things happen to me in this way. Time and space coincidence lead me here and honestly I like it!!!

So, the point is that I've finished some repaint custom dolls and I want to share them with you. They are my first wave, so please be kind with your comments!!! I'm sure that I'll improve my skill, as any other time I've done it with different matters. Althought at the firts try, I believed that it was going to be much more easier than it really was. However, I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the final results. In the next posts you could see how they look. And for sure, you could purchase them on my EBay shop.

Thanks a lot as always for reading, commenting and suggesting anything anytime. All the best, Rosa.

2 comentarios:

  1. Awesome job! I love everyone of them. My favorites are the 50s, Chanel Inspired, & the Steam Punk lady.

  2. Thanks a lot, Sharon!!! It's my first attempt, but I'm really happy with them. Honestly, I have to say that my favourite one is the 50s doll!!! ;)