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viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2013

Thanks for your support!!!!

Hi everybody!!! I want to write this post to thank all people that purchase some of my work anytime and anywhere. I mean, at the beggining it was a little bit hard to understand for my relatives that I want to spend my free time making furniture and clothes for dolls. Honestly, I have to admit that sounds pretty weird but it has brought me a lot of fun and personal satisfaction after some time. I've met a lot of people, most of them great people, who helps me to continue with my work purchasing my iteams.

In this way, I've learned a lot of things. I've improved my silks sewing and making furniture and that let me devise more exciting challenges and projects. However, the best part of this amazing journey is learning to manage myself, to organize my time and work, to improve my patient and concentration and to keep the faith in what I'm doing and don't give up.

So, I'm really proud of being here and I want to celebrate with all of you my 152 sales on EBay and 231 sales on Etsy during this time. And for that reason, when I get to 250 sales on Etsy, I'm going to put some of my outfits in a special price during a week. Just to thank all your support. Keep an eye to my shops and don't miss this chance. Thanks a lot!!! Best regards, Rosa.

miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2013

Doll Diorama, a place for your ladies!!!

Ok, here I am again with new dioramas for your dolls. They are 4 living rooms, 2 dining rooms and 1 bedroom Dioramas for Barbie, Blythe, Fashion Royalty, Monster High and any other 1/6 doll size.

They are  exclusive one of a kind handmade diorama, all pieces are unique and unrepeatable. So I could not make a replica once they are sold. Walls are made of foamboard and furniture and floor are plywood. The Diorama dimensions are: height 25cm x length 31cm x width 25cm.

It includes walls and floor (with frames, paintings, window,...), all furniture that you could see in the different pictures that go with every single scenery and all the tableware that fill every diorama  (books, boxes, crockery, plants and the rest of the stuff) . Doll it's not included. Furniture could be moved into the room as you want.

EBay listings last till next monday. For more pictures and details, please contact me. As always. I really appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thanks for watching!!! Best of all, Rosa.

 Bedroom Diorama - ETSY

Living Room Diorama - ETSY

Dining Room Diorama - ETSY

Living Room Diorama - EBay

Living Room Diorama - EBay

Dining Room Diorama - EBay

Living Room Diorama - ETSY

Last six month work: Clothes, Furniture and Diorama.

Hi everyone!!! Sorry for not update my blog during these last six months, but I've been living abroad and also working, so it's a kind of huge mess. I try to be more communicative here from now, but please forgive my silent period. I want to resume, a little bit, in what I've been working during this time. I've been making clothes for Blythe and Monster High dolls. They both are the dolls that have travelled with me. So, I've made some collections for them (party dresses, fairy tale outfits, best sellers dresses, denim outfits ...), you could see some of them in the following pictures and the rest that are available to sale in my ETSY SHOP.

About furniture, I made some furniture sets and also some pieces that match among them, but they were sold isolated on my EBAY SHOP and ETSY SHOP. Some of them were these:

And finally, I made my first diorama, which was sold on my ETSY SHOP. It included furniture, walls and floor and tableware that appears in the picture I'm really happy with the final result of it. It's really amazing!!! Take a look of it here:

Well, this is a kind of summary about what i've been doing these six months. I hope you like it. Please comment, if you want. Best regards, Rosa.