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miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2013

Doll Diorama, a place for your ladies!!!

Ok, here I am again with new dioramas for your dolls. They are 4 living rooms, 2 dining rooms and 1 bedroom Dioramas for Barbie, Blythe, Fashion Royalty, Monster High and any other 1/6 doll size.

They are  exclusive one of a kind handmade diorama, all pieces are unique and unrepeatable. So I could not make a replica once they are sold. Walls are made of foamboard and furniture and floor are plywood. The Diorama dimensions are: height 25cm x length 31cm x width 25cm.

It includes walls and floor (with frames, paintings, window,...), all furniture that you could see in the different pictures that go with every single scenery and all the tableware that fill every diorama  (books, boxes, crockery, plants and the rest of the stuff) . Doll it's not included. Furniture could be moved into the room as you want.

EBay listings last till next monday. For more pictures and details, please contact me. As always. I really appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thanks for watching!!! Best of all, Rosa.

 Bedroom Diorama - ETSY

Living Room Diorama - ETSY

Dining Room Diorama - ETSY

Living Room Diorama - EBay

Living Room Diorama - EBay

Dining Room Diorama - EBay

Living Room Diorama - ETSY

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