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viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

1st Living Room Set

Hi!!! I'm here again with two new sets, in this case two living rooms. I have to say that living room is one of the most popular diorama that you can find everywhere, so I've tried too. I made them different one from another. One modern and the other seaside living room.
This first living room set is compouned by couch, armchair with a footrest, a coffee table, a shelves, a sideboard, two plants, a bar with two stools and a drink cabinet. It has a modern style and painted in red and black. I hope you like it, as always!!! Thanks for watching!!! Comment if you like!!! Regards, Rose.

Hola!!! Estoy otra vez aqui con dos nuevos sets, en este caso dos salones. Tengo que decir que los salones son uno de los mas populares dioramas que puedes encontrar en cualquier lugar, asi que yo tambien queria probar!!! Los he hecho diferentes el uno del otro. Uno moderno y el otro costero.
Este primer salon esta compuesto por un sofa, un sillon con reposapies, una mesa de cafe, una estanteria, un aparador, dos plantas, una barra con dos taburetes y un mueble bar. Tiene un estilo moderno y pintado en rojo y negro. Espero que os guste, como siempre!!! Gracias por mirara!!! Comentad si quereis!!! Recuerdos, Rose.

2 comentarios:

  1. the red living room is very dramatic but also very cool! I love the asymmetric shelf unit and all the books and pots and planters--did you make all the little accessories as well? It's an excellent size and everything is nicely arranged. Barbie & Ken look cute in their matching outfits--well done indeed, Rose!


  2. i totally love your work, like i said already in etsy it's done awesome! How long does it take to make such a thing? I wish i could make something,too but i'm totally bad in things with woods xD I love this red living room most, because the colours are warm and the bar is a grea idea.. <3 love to see more from you in future... *.*